Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New shawl, Pics, and more!

Here is my new shawl. I HAVE worked on it more since I took the picture, so it's not timely correct.

Really long!

Starting the pineapples!

Well, my fave show came on tonight. By now, you all know what I'm talking about. Warehouse 13, duh! I just hated the fact that Todd dumped Claudia. L-A-M-E! Why, anyway?? Dude, just cause she had a confusion on the phone with the tech dude doesn't mean that she's sneaking around behind your back! DUH! She's having trouble concentrating on two different guys at once! You aren't nobody, dude! You're her boyfriend! SNAP OUT OF IT!!! McPherson may be back, which is impossible. The guy's dead. Maybe, he's twisting her life so it seems like Leena did do something to mess it up! I thought they were cool. She hasn't been in any episodes lately, so maybe it's a family business, she's harboring an artifact.... who knows.

Well, I was watching VICTORIOUS on Nick, and a movie trailer came on. Not an everyday one. Like, the FRED movie trailer! That kid's a comedy GENIUS!!!! I KNEW that he would have a movie one day! I would get the video here, but I can't find it.... My fave part though, was when he said, "I'll smell like green apple!" I have never lol'd so hard!!!!

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