Monday, June 28, 2010

I am BACK!

I got back yesterday, but I found time just today to post! Here's some pictures I took at camp!

Here's my bed!!!! Duh-Nuh!!!!

Coolio pic, huh? It looks like she's catching the ball, but she is throwing it!

This guy sang this song on the dunking booth: "I'm a Barbie girl, livin' in a Barbie wor-rld!" He also said: "It's so fantastic that I'm not made of plastic! Heck, I'll tell you what's better! It's fantastic that I'm not wet! Ha!" After he said that, my friend dunked him. lol. ;-)

My friend's crocheted blanket she spent 2 years making.

Our Children's Pastor from our church!

People said he was David Archie(David A.). Aw, who am I kidding, you can tell from the picture who he looks like!

Flippin' Silly Bandz!!!!


Pretty, pretty me!

After the guy on the left did a skit with the rest of the rec staff, the GUY in the sound booth typed on the big screen: "Taylor is SO dreamy...." and then they sent the second guy, who looks like Jesus, to the sound booth, by saying "Jesus, to the sound booth. Jesus, to the sound booth." Then the hosts of the Stupid Human Trick Show, they told him(Over the microphone): "Taylor, you can now stop locking your doors at night, zipping up your sleeping bag all the way, and breathe easier." That night was so lol!

My Entire cabin! Sorry the picture is blurry, They let a intern counselor take the pictures! I'm the one who's the tallest!

The Earth ball, yo! lol!

This pic was taken because we wanted one of the LLAMAS(Living Loud And Ministering Among Souls) was there, and we wanted him to get into the dunking booth. Two of my friends sole his hat twice!

That's my week! Hope that you enjoyed it! Byee!

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