Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've been working on my last square! Yay! Today, when dad & I came home(Mom had to leave to do something for her work) we saw this:

My mom had worked on the pictures frames!!! The reason why is at Christmas, my Friend sponsor went to this gift store in our town and got us all personalized picture frames. My mom said that the lady just used stickers, and we tried to do our own. We even made one for my BFF's B-day! Here's one I did with some stars:

Here are some more that my mom did:

(This one I'll might keep for myself!)

And in my room:
Absolute horror! We were going through my closet, and my mom had to go and do something in the office. I wanted to check my e-mail, so I pulled back my desk chair, and IT FELL OVER! Now I'll have to put the clothes up. Gagh!!!!

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