Monday, June 14, 2010

Blanket, Blanket, DOILY!!

Two blankets at once- and I get to do the doilies for my grandparents' 50th Anniversary! Yay! They need these certain size of doilies. I overheard my mom & grandma talking about it. I told them to hand onto that thought, and I walked to where I had made a large doily out of regular yarn. We talked about it, and I have to make ten of 'em before July 10th. Here's one I'm working on:

Glitzy Gold! =D

And here's the blanket I'm working on for ME:

There's ONE purple square left. Then nothin' but rainbows!
That's alot of squares! lol.

Here's my dad's wool blanket.

Here it is without the extras on the side.

Here it is with the extras that are waiting to be sewed on!

I may just take a night off from crocheting and focus on painting my nails. Seriously, I've only had 2 manicures in my entire life. And my friend has had over a billion. Why? I'm a tomboy compared to her! lol. (Srry BFF!)

My toes! lol.

About the night off..... oh gosh. My mom is watching Dr. G. It's an autopsy show and she tries to find out why a person died. It's kinda interesting. I'm a nurse's daughter! lol.

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