Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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http://www.ccrdc.org/campMy dad finally came up with an idea to get upstairs(The door was locked.)! He drove the forklift onto the concrete flat we have in front of the garage(The upstairs room is above the garage!) and mom raised him up and he crawled through the window! We got my suitcase and Now I'm packing! Then my mom got called out- and she's not even on call tonight!!! Well, now I have some time to update you on some stuff:

I have made six doilies! Two left!(Sorry, no picture! Mom has them in her car so I can't take a picture! =[ )

I plan this surprise for my grandparents! The two circles will be the natural & gold held together, and the edging will be in gold. I think that it will be pretty! Here's the motif I made in pink:
Pretty, huh?

The blanket has passed the sleeping test! It's nice and warm enough for the summer, not the winter. ;)

Camp tomorrow!!!! Yay!!! Bye!!!

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