Sunday, June 20, 2010


My mom's B-day is today!

Flowers! My grandparents gave her the card, the flower on the right was from this florist in town(They give away bouquets for the name of the day! It was my mom's just a few days ago.), and the one on the left is the flowers my dad resevered at church for my mom, grandma, and me. =D

Mom found the stuffing, so I could finish the pillow!
It looks much better with stuffing!

And, I was fiddlin' around with the yarn, such as the pillow above, that I created this:

It's all curvy, and I don't want that!!!!!

But, I made the third doily!
(Yeah, I like posting pictures! lol!)

And some more fiddlin' around with the leftover yarn:
It looks niceee! Good practice run, eh? Another cool thing is that I made it all by stitch diagram! Coolio!

About my latest Blanket: I couldn't really do a good job on the sleep test for it, so it's off again!

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