Friday, October 1, 2010

Drawings and Pictures!

Remember when I showed you some pictures that I drew? Well, after the post, I drew another one! Check it out:

I like it. =D

I started working on this last night, and I finally put it down at around 10:30 PM. What do ya think?

Lately, I've been asking for Duct Tape so I can make Jumping Bean and some other stop talking.
My mom, being the AWESOME person that she is, found this kind of Duct Tape at Wal*Mart! She brought it home and I hugged her! The tape is patterned like someone took the time to tie-dye it!!!!

I was sor bored, I started coloring my calculator, so now it looks really cool!

Tomorrow, I'm going to the Ashboro Craft Fair, which is completely awesome because they close up a bunch of streets and let people set up tents and tables to sell their crafts!!!! I really enjoy going to it. And all day today, they are shooting a Scott Towel commercial there! My state is so cool!!!!

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