Thursday, October 28, 2010

Simple Thursday

Well, good to see ya today. How are ya? I'm fine. Let's go straight to the post, shall we??

I've been working on my grandparents' blanket. Here's a pic:
One more red flower, and I'll be working on the leaves!

We went to A.C. Moore the other week and I got this yarn!

We went to Michael's yesterday and got this yarn, too!

And at Michael's, I found these! How cute are they? I couldn't leave the store without 'em!

My computer has been giving me grief lately. I've been trying to put some pictures I took on Sunday on here, and it keeps popping up as some pictures that were on it three weeks ago. I just told my dad to get the pics off his computer onto a thumbnail and I'll use it that way. This kind of stuff just LOVES to bite me in the butt.

And last nite, don't even get me started. Tiffster's momma had set a basket with a note that said: "This Wednesday Night Class is a No-Cell-Phone Area. Please turn off your cell phones and place them in this basket." When she came in, she explained about it, and I crossed my arms and laughed while the rest of the class got up and put their phones into the basket. I don't have a phone. :)

The she explained about if anyone was misbehaving, that the teachers had all the authority to take them out of class and make them write a 1,000-word essay on why they were being disruptive. And then send it to their "Legal Guardian." I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. They are all disruptive, and I'm silently sitting there, shaking my head and going, "Tsk, tsk, tsk." lol XD

And when Tiffster's momma said that these things were brought up at the meeting last night, in my head I said, "Yeah, I bet when you mentioned it, you called it 'Plan Z.'" I thought that because they've tried everything to get them to be silent; bribery, lesser threats, the works. Did I mention the fact that I enjoyed a non-all-h3ll-breaks-loose Wednesday nite class? ;)

My mom and I were joking about all this on the way home. Okay, I was more, like, complaining, but still. She told me, "There are some things that you need just to let it go over your head."

I responded with: "Momma, with all the things that you're telling me to go over my head, I'm gonna drown in it all."

And when they called out the bus kids, someone had thrown away their plate with some runny dip. Let me back up and tell excatly WHY the person had runny dip: We are studding fitness and Sue Anuh brought in some heathly foods, like carrost, prezels, apples, dip, stuff like that. Now, back to the story:
The tiny trashcan that we have in our classroom was over-flowing with plates. Someone obviously didn't eat all of their dip and carrots, but they threw it away anyway. The part that makes me the most mad it that when it got turned over, no one would tell anyone, just step over it. They could've said, "Teacher, someone split some of that dip. I'd help to clean it, but I gotta get on the bus before it leaves me!"
So me, being the goodie-two-shoes that I am, pointed it out and volunteered to clean it up. As soon as I had got on the ground to clean it up, here came Momma, ready to pick me up. I told just a minute and continued to clean what I saw. And no one else bothered to say, "Let me help ya, Cate!" And EVERYONE in my class knows who my momma is and knows that sometimes she WILL get impatient. So I told the teacher that I really had to go, so she told another girl to do so I could leave. As I was getting up, I heard the girl sigh. I wanted to turn around and punch that girl.

Well, I hope that you some-what enjoyed this nonsensical post. I'll talk to you guys later.

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