Friday, October 22, 2010

Finally, Friday.

I know that I said on WEDNESDAY I'd post some pictures about my grandparents' blanket, but after we got home, mom was feeling worse so we watched TV all night. Yesterday she took a day off from work because she has a bad cold. And as always, my hands and feet were freezing while all the rest of me was hotter than our woodstove. I worked a little on my grandparents' blanket and a little on one of my new projects- a knitted hat! It's my first ever project with knitting, and it's SLLLOOOOWW! Anyway, here are some pictures:

Here it is two days ago

And here it is last night

Here's the third washcloth! There'll might be a fourth, but I'll have to wait 'til Wednesday to ask around.

And here's the yarn for my hat. =) I didn't get the knitting part in, but you can see a little bit of it.

I also found this pretty picture from another website from a picture of someone's from Flickr!
I like it!

I can't tell you how much I hate this time of year, what with all the politics. This year, it's worse. What's with all the slander? They're taking aim at each other. EVERYWHERE. Not just here in North Carolina. I can't tell you how much I hate the words 'Richard' 'Burr' 'Elaine' 'Tony' 'Forriest' 'China' 'Pledge' 'Ship' 'Jobs' 'Economy'. TV is where we are supposed to escape from all this stuff, so why are they bringing in this cr@p?!?!

Aw, you guys are awesome. Thanks for hearing me say how much the government has been disoriented. I hope you agree with my statement above. ;-)

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