Friday, October 8, 2010

Stockings and Some Re-Discovered Pictures!!!!!

Okay, two stockings down.
(Second one is Daddy's!)


I found some more camp pictures! I know it's October, but what the heck??

The bunk above mine. Grandmother's work, not the girl's. =( Funny, though, I have a blanket those same colors! That girl's Grandma knows how to colorize!

This is a cabin. A real summer camp cabin. I stayed in one that looks like my church's Fellowship Hall. I go there enough, why make a replica???

Dear Trees, We love you. But, please, hug us and spare the splinters. Love, Us.

Not a good picture of the cabin I stayed in. I really hate Momma's camera. IT great as a portable camera, but the resolution stinks.

A very pretty picture of the lake from the Zip-Line Tower station!

Ego-Walk. Funny. Now, I find that this game has many morals in Daddy's lectures. Now I can bypass them. A little, anyway.

Yep, nature photography. MORE nature photography. Deal with it.

You better not be grumbling about this one since it's really, really, REALLY pretty!

This ugly door means more to me than you'll ever know. ;-)

What's that, Tiffany(girl in purple)? Lump in your throat? It feels like a frog? You just ribbited? Whatever. Let's go on with he show!

Bridge to Terabithia
Twice Upon a Marigold
True Spirit(Currently Reading)
Ones that are crossed out are ones that I've read in the past..... errr... couple of days.

I hope that you enjoyed my ranting, go on with your lives now. XD


  1. Very long...but cute!! I love the photos...and the nature photography is awesome. I like it. 5/5


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