Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shawl & Doily update

I am done with the doilies!

I made one more after I took this picture! Nine in all!

Here's the special in the test stage>>>>>

Here's the finished version(!):

Pretty, no? Ha ha.

Here's my other shawl!

New tactic!

It's getting biggerrrr!!!! Notice the blanket in the background!

A big hook for small yarn!

Monday, June 28, 2010

I am BACK!

I got back yesterday, but I found time just today to post! Here's some pictures I took at camp!

Here's my bed!!!! Duh-Nuh!!!!

Coolio pic, huh? It looks like she's catching the ball, but she is throwing it!

This guy sang this song on the dunking booth: "I'm a Barbie girl, livin' in a Barbie wor-rld!" He also said: "It's so fantastic that I'm not made of plastic! Heck, I'll tell you what's better! It's fantastic that I'm not wet! Ha!" After he said that, my friend dunked him. lol. ;-)

My friend's crocheted blanket she spent 2 years making.

Our Children's Pastor from our church!

People said he was David Archie(David A.). Aw, who am I kidding, you can tell from the picture who he looks like!

Flippin' Silly Bandz!!!!


Pretty, pretty me!

After the guy on the left did a skit with the rest of the rec staff, the GUY in the sound booth typed on the big screen: "Taylor is SO dreamy...." and then they sent the second guy, who looks like Jesus, to the sound booth, by saying "Jesus, to the sound booth. Jesus, to the sound booth." Then the hosts of the Stupid Human Trick Show, they told him(Over the microphone): "Taylor, you can now stop locking your doors at night, zipping up your sleeping bag all the way, and breathe easier." That night was so lol!

My Entire cabin! Sorry the picture is blurry, They let a intern counselor take the pictures! I'm the one who's the tallest!

The Earth ball, yo! lol!

This pic was taken because we wanted one of the LLAMAS(Living Loud And Ministering Among Souls) was there, and we wanted him to get into the dunking booth. Two of my friends sole his hat twice!

That's my week! Hope that you enjoyed it! Byee!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Latest Stuff dad finally came up with an idea to get upstairs(The door was locked.)! He drove the forklift onto the concrete flat we have in front of the garage(The upstairs room is above the garage!) and mom raised him up and he crawled through the window! We got my suitcase and Now I'm packing! Then my mom got called out- and she's not even on call tonight!!! Well, now I have some time to update you on some stuff:

I have made six doilies! Two left!(Sorry, no picture! Mom has them in her car so I can't take a picture! =[ )

I plan this surprise for my grandparents! The two circles will be the natural & gold held together, and the edging will be in gold. I think that it will be pretty! Here's the motif I made in pink:
Pretty, huh?

The blanket has passed the sleeping test! It's nice and warm enough for the summer, not the winter. ;)

Camp tomorrow!!!! Yay!!! Bye!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

RAK coming!

RAK= Random Acts of Kindness

AT camp, I'm going to use these hearts:
There is a total of 34 hearts! (Yeah, I was addicted to that pattern!)

And I'm going to place them in random spots around camp! Everyone deserves a little happiness now and then. lol.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My mom's B-day is today!

Flowers! My grandparents gave her the card, the flower on the right was from this florist in town(They give away bouquets for the name of the day! It was my mom's just a few days ago.), and the one on the left is the flowers my dad resevered at church for my mom, grandma, and me. =D

Mom found the stuffing, so I could finish the pillow!
It looks much better with stuffing!

And, I was fiddlin' around with the yarn, such as the pillow above, that I created this:

It's all curvy, and I don't want that!!!!!

But, I made the third doily!
(Yeah, I like posting pictures! lol!)

And some more fiddlin' around with the leftover yarn:
It looks niceee! Good practice run, eh? Another cool thing is that I made it all by stitch diagram! Coolio!

About my latest Blanket: I couldn't really do a good job on the sleep test for it, so it's off again!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have finished my blanket!

Edging and everything!

It has Sugar's stamp of approval!

She is, after all, the sleeping expert! lol.

Just because I had some left-over yarn from this blanket, I started making a pillow. Even if it's not big. Here's a picture of it. 

All I have left to do is to fill it with stuffing- which I can't seem to find. It may be a while before I fill it with stuffing because it's lost. The bag of stuffing may be upstairs. =\ Another thing wrong: We accendtly locked ourselves out of the upstairs room. And we can't find the key. Gagh!

Back to the blanket>>>> All I have left to do to it is to put it through the sleeping test. I sleep with it on my bed. Duh. Not everything is complicated. I'm going to take it to camp, soooooooooo I'll take some pictures of how my bed looks. =D


I've been working on my last square! Yay! Today, when dad & I came home(Mom had to leave to do something for her work) we saw this:

My mom had worked on the pictures frames!!! The reason why is at Christmas, my Friend sponsor went to this gift store in our town and got us all personalized picture frames. My mom said that the lady just used stickers, and we tried to do our own. We even made one for my BFF's B-day! Here's one I did with some stars:

Here are some more that my mom did:

(This one I'll might keep for myself!)

And in my room:
Absolute horror! We were going through my closet, and my mom had to go and do something in the office. I wanted to check my e-mail, so I pulled back my desk chair, and IT FELL OVER! Now I'll have to put the clothes up. Gagh!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Blanket and Camp!

I have been taking all of my latest summer days and putting them into my blanket. But I ran out of yarn. A few days ago, a box appeared at my house.

And inside was....

The yarn I needed to finish!

Here's what I've got so far on the blanket:

One purple square left!!!!

The reason why I want to get this blanket done so fast is that I'm going to camp next week!

I went there last year and had a blast! It's a Christian camp for churches in the Cornerstone Conference area. I want to take my new blanket to camp this year. I'm now old enough to go in the Jr. High Week! Yep, I'm going into 7th next Fall. Okay, enough of me blaring on, you can go on with your life now! lol.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Found it!!

I was going through my desk a little bit, looking for these itty bitty charms I had took off of tiny gel pens I have.... and I found the first doily!!! Yay!

Shiny stars! lol.

Mom went to Wal*Mart the other day and tried to get me some more of that shiny gold yarn. She only found 3 more balls of it, then got two "Natural/Gold" yarn.

Here is our naughty cat, Tinker. We once thought he was a girl, then we had him her it fixed. That's when we found out. 0_o

Sugar relaxes after a night of frayed nerves. It thundered and lightninged so much last night!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Blanket, Blanket, DOILY!!

Two blankets at once- and I get to do the doilies for my grandparents' 50th Anniversary! Yay! They need these certain size of doilies. I overheard my mom & grandma talking about it. I told them to hand onto that thought, and I walked to where I had made a large doily out of regular yarn. We talked about it, and I have to make ten of 'em before July 10th. Here's one I'm working on:

Glitzy Gold! =D

And here's the blanket I'm working on for ME:

There's ONE purple square left. Then nothin' but rainbows!
That's alot of squares! lol.

Here's my dad's wool blanket.

Here it is without the extras on the side.

Here it is with the extras that are waiting to be sewed on!

I may just take a night off from crocheting and focus on painting my nails. Seriously, I've only had 2 manicures in my entire life. And my friend has had over a billion. Why? I'm a tomboy compared to her! lol. (Srry BFF!)

My toes! lol.

About the night off..... oh gosh. My mom is watching Dr. G. It's an autopsy show and she tries to find out why a person died. It's kinda interesting. I'm a nurse's daughter! lol.