Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Randomness and Out-of-Season Scarf

I made the scarf out of that discount yarn already.

My grandma showed me this mantle-runner that my great-Aunt made.

Nothing lately but books. Glorious BOOKS!!!!

So, how's your Monday been?
CSI: Yarn

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sinfle.... Paint.... Crochet.... MUSIC?

I have been sick lately......


Here's the finished bag!
Since I had some of those colors lefts, I made an iPod holder!!

Cute, huh?

Here's my bed with that blanket for the comforter!

I've finished these two. They were great books! (Left to right: The Castle in the Attic; Fantastic Mr. Fox)

I plan to read these! They're a little bit more grown-up than the two before, but I think they'll be worth a shot! (Left to right: The Search for Delicious; Princess Academy; The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Do you wonder what I'd make with this? Well, of course you WOULDN'T, you have a life. But I'll SHOW you anyway. No take-backs.

I Like it! I did the pattern as the same for that blazer in the latest Crochet Today! issue!

Okay, I've been totally obcessed with this band.
Allstar Weekend!!!!! Ain't they cute?

"When I fall down
I know I've got this weekend to live
I'm gonna get my freak on
It carries me
And we'll be rocking our playlist"
~The Weekend, Allstar Weekend

OH! You want me to get to the paint part? Oh, yeah!!!!
That's all I'm showing you. (PSSSSSSS!!!! Mine are the purple ones! I'M SPECIAL!!!!)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Non-Crochet Post

"Who invented recycling, man or God? God of course. Here's our plant, his name is.... Ed. Yes, his name is Ed." ~Miss Spencel, A Becka Academy (This is my science teacher!)

Monday, August 23, 2010

I finally Have it!

Thanks to a lot of time researching websites, I have found the VDT trailer! It's so awesome!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Old Pictures On the Laptop

I'm using the laptop in the living room. Why? 'Cause, I wanna. Here a picture of our last cat, Miss Kitty.

 AWWW!!!!!! She was the sweetest cat until we went on vacation and she went crazy......

 Another reason why I'm on the laptop is because in a minute I'm gonna work on my new bag! And, because Monster Quest is on!!!! I'm not a really big fan, but I like to watch weirdos(This is a actual word!) chase an imaginary creature in the dead of night. Yeah, I'm COMPLETELY weird. HA HA.

 Today was  special for me. Today, I graduated Children's' Church. Here is what my teacher said of me and another friend.(* I will call my friend by the name of Anna. That is not her name.*) We have been taught by her since we were in Kindergarden;

 "When I started teaching in Children's Church, about seven years ago, I starting teaching Cate and (*)Anna since they were in Kindergarten or first grade. [.......] They are all role models. After you make your mark on this wall, go out that door and make a mark on the world. Even if you are not in this class anymore, the younger kids will always be looking up to you."

 That totally inspired me. She is actually leaving that class to go do something that she thinks that God is leading her to. That was her last Sunday too. Someone else will be teaching that class. Maybe the Kid's Pastor. The only things that I saw him do were being the Dean of Boys at camp, and sometimes watching over the roomful of kids if she can't be there. Boy, my church is confusing...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not much Crochetin'

We remodeled our office, so that's why I couldn't post lately. I haven't crocheted, either, even though I have an incredibly cute project! PICTURE TIIIME!!!!

 I'm working on this! I have only one eye made, and it's inside the bag.

Thanks to this piece of plastic, my comforter is trash. So are some of my sheets. Mom & I tried to super-glue it together. Some of the glue didn't dry all the way. And it glued itself to my bed.

 The new color for our office!

 Remember this blanket? Now that we'll have to get rid of my comforter, I'll replace with this blanket until we can get a new one.

 I finished reading....
 (Sorry, no better pics! BTW, I got this off of Amazon!)
 It's a really good book. At the end, I was sad that it had to end. It was a beautiful story.

Now, I'm working on "The Castle in the Attic"

 Last night, we watch "The Last Song".
 This was Miley's WORST movie yet. She totally lowered the bar for the rest of the cast, and they stepped over it. They tried to make it work. But sadly, you can't make Miley work. NEVER. She is a terrible actress. And that's only the beginning of my complaints. The movie is totally off from the book. One of the main characters is shown only three times THE ENTIRE MOVIE, the actor who plays Will is waaaay too old for the role, they didn't say why the parents got divorced, too much emotion from little cause, and a terrible "winging-it" plot line. They said that Nickolas Sparks(Author of the novel, The Last Song,) was writing the script for the movie while he was writing the book. That's a total lie. The book, by far, was WAAAAAAAAAAY better.

 So, that's part of my weekend. How was yours?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


You all know those "SCHOOL" warnings on the road to tell you about a school zone? Well, a local high school had it done again, and the people who did it misspelled school and spelled it "Shcool"! It even made national news! I can't find a video about it, so you can imagine it.

School has started..... not many posts, just a fair warning so you don't hate me.....

I'll Be Back.....
[When I hear his voice, Hear Him, Call" ~Lucy  Hanne Huckleburg]

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Earth, Dogs & Crocheting....

Another sorry, I-haven't-written-in-a-week post. Nothing uch happened, except that I got a dog sitting job from my neighbor! She's really nice. Her dogs are Australian Herding dogs. They have lots of energy. I totally wore out one of them by throwing her Frisbee for so long. Now, for some crocheting....

 It's really long, so I folded it up.

There's the edging!

 The final doily for my grandparents, a whole month late!

 I began this square as a way to burn some cheap yarn my grandpa found. It gets bigger later on in the post.

We went to A.C.Moore the other day!

Yarn to finish my rug, yarn to make the hat, and some discount yarn for a scarf! (PS: I'm not going to make the hat. =/ )

 My finished rug!

The finished green granny square from before, with my rug to show size.

Momma made cornbread with a mix of it from Cracker Barrel and they were DELICIOUS!!!! We ate so many, that only three were left!

 Sug, can I join ya? IT's been so hot, and the heat waves just KEEP COMING!!!! It feels like 105 outside! No humidity!

 Warehouse 13 was on again Tuseday. So funny. He played with an artifact at a meusem and went bonkers. The funniest part was the secrity camera's video. LOL!!!! Kissing an invisable girl. He REALLY needs to stop dating....
Cauldia STILL is single, I think anyway. I haven't seen the cross-over episode when she goes to Eureka. That's a must-see!

This show came on last night, so I watched it. Totally HILARIOUS!!!! He doesn't know how to work technology! And the girl, she's hilarious. ALWAYS outsmarts the guys! And his cousin, totally stupid, yet so adorably funny! WHAT AM I SAYING?!?! ADORABLY??? BEN, WHERE ARE YOU?!?!

 Oh. There you are. And with Skandar....

I have never ended a post without Ben. I don't really care.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New shawl, Pics, and more!

Here is my new shawl. I HAVE worked on it more since I took the picture, so it's not timely correct.

Really long!

Starting the pineapples!

Well, my fave show came on tonight. By now, you all know what I'm talking about. Warehouse 13, duh! I just hated the fact that Todd dumped Claudia. L-A-M-E! Why, anyway?? Dude, just cause she had a confusion on the phone with the tech dude doesn't mean that she's sneaking around behind your back! DUH! She's having trouble concentrating on two different guys at once! You aren't nobody, dude! You're her boyfriend! SNAP OUT OF IT!!! McPherson may be back, which is impossible. The guy's dead. Maybe, he's twisting her life so it seems like Leena did do something to mess it up! I thought they were cool. She hasn't been in any episodes lately, so maybe it's a family business, she's harboring an artifact.... who knows.

Well, I was watching VICTORIOUS on Nick, and a movie trailer came on. Not an everyday one. Like, the FRED movie trailer! That kid's a comedy GENIUS!!!! I KNEW that he would have a movie one day! I would get the video here, but I can't find it.... My fave part though, was when he said, "I'll smell like green apple!" I have never lol'd so hard!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


By: Carl Hiaasen

Scat is an awesome book about two kids trying to find out what happened to their teacher after she goes missing during a field trip in the swamp. Along the story, you meet strange characters and learn of a scam that could mean the end for a phony Texan.

By: Gail Carson Levine

Much like Cinderella, only with a pretty amusing twist, Ella Enchanted is a great book that can entangle you with the greatly detailed action. She is an adventurous girl who hates the gift that a fairy bestows upon her. Through her journeys and adventures, the prince, Char, is falling for her, and she may be falling for him.

These books were both awesome! I was totally wrapped in them until I put them down when I finished them! Later this week, we'll head back to the movies and to the bookstore! I plan to get the following books:

That's some list! Yeah, right.... only two. Two more left that we bought. "The Swiss Family Robinson" & "The Castle in the Attic" are what books are left to read. Can't wait! Maybe some more to through in there until next time. My dad jokes with me now all the time about the other day when we were in the bookstore. He had walked down the aisle where I was, and asked me if I had chosen any books. I said o, and he said that I had all the time in the world. He came back down thirty minutes later, and I had six inches of books in my arm. Now, I gonna get another six inches. There were two books I wanted to get, but never got to them.... ah well.

Georgia, the LONG way around....

We came home really early this morning, around Midnight or 1:30. In SC, three tires blew! The trailer hasn't been used all summer, and it's been swamp weather here, humidity and all. I hit some great books, and started a shawl. It's the bridal shawl from the May/June issue of Crochet Today!. The color of it is tan, and the yarn is a bit thicker. Okay, sorry, no pictures of it yet.